David Field





A note about copyright. It is not my intention to break copyright in any of the material I have reproduced here and if I have done so then please email me to let me know.  As for what is mine on this site, I am happy for any of it to be reproduced wherever it might be helpful and I am not interested in being “credited” for it. On the other hand, those who claim credit for what is not theirs or distort material or try to use it in wrong ways, hurt themselves more than anyone else.




Some background about me:


Born 1962. Converted 1973. Licensed 1984 and ordained 1991. Husband to Sue and father to Sarah, Ruth, and Esther.

Raised, mostly, in Felixstowe, Suffolk.


1980-83 – Theology degree at Oxford

1983-84 – Assistant at Bethesda Baptist Church, Felixstowe

1984-87 – Lecturer at Samuel Bill Theological College, Nigeria

1987-88 – Unemployed (Humberside) and locum pastorate (Ipswich)

1988-91 – PhD in English Puritanism at Cambridge

1991-96 – Pastor, Horsley Evangelical Church, Surrey

1996-2000 – Executive Search for Saxton Bampfylde plc

2000-09 – Lecturer at Oak Hill Theological College

2009-     Executive Search with Perrett Laver


Theological commitments: I fervently endorse, subscribe to and delight in the orthodox Christian faith as expressed in the

catholic ecumenical creeds of the first five centuries (Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Chalcedonian Definiton), the

Reformed confessions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Belgic, Heidelberg, Dort, Westminster), and

evangelical statements of faith of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (UCCF, EA, FIEC).